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Małopolska in the eco rhythm!

Małopolska in the eco rhythm!

grafika ozdobna Małopolska w rytmie eko
On foot by the mountain route, by bicycle along the VeloMałopolska bike routes, in a kayak down rivers and streams, on horse through the idyllic countryside - the Małopolska region encourages travelling in harmony with nature and in tune with the principles of eco-tourism.

Warm spring and summer days are conducive to active outdoor relaxation and exploring new places in surroundings near and far. After a period of social isolation caused by the pandemic, everybody misses travelling, the sense of freedom and new experiences. However, it is worth ensuring that travel is safe not only for ourselves, but also for the environment that surrounds us.

In addition to the main tourist routes and popular attractions, the Małopolska region has a lot to offer to the tourists willing to come. Picturesque countryside, charming towns, picturesque national parks and wondrous landscapes, unique nature reserves, a dense network of bicycle routes and hiking trails which take you into places that are totally new accompanied by the song of wild birds and the whispering wind, - all the encouragement one might ever need to go on active sight-seeing throughout the region.

Travelling in the eco rhythm – why is it worth it?

Trips in the spirit of eco-tourism are safe for us and for the environment. Travelling in small groups, with family and close friends on tourist routes off the beaten path will help us make sure that we will feel safe. The choice of environmentally-friendly ways of getting around such as train, bicycle, kayak or on foot will also have a positive impact on nature. Only the intimate and slow discovery of unknown places can satisfy the curiosity of a true traveller, silence the mind, bring true relaxation and enable a person to recharge the batteries with positive energy sourced straight from nature itself. 

Who is an eco-tourist?

The eco-tourist is an active person seeking beautiful places with unique natural and landscape qualities, interested in local customs and traditions, willing to choose environmentally friendly modes of transport, open to contact with local residents, trying regional products, buying in small shops, markets and fairs to support local entrepreneurs.

Where to find inspiration for eco-journeys around the Małopolska region?

In the summer season, the Małopolska region’s information and promotion campaign, ‘Małopolska in the eco rhythm’, will encourage travelling around the region in the rhythm with nature. From spring to autumn on the website, the profiles of Odkryj Małopolskę on Facebook and Instagram and other information channels of the Małopolskie voivodship, one will find content full of inspiration for travel, ready-made suggestions for both one-day trips and longer journeys, , tourist curiosities and special destinations which cannot be missed.

When planning trips, it’s worth it to consult the Eco-guides for the five sub-regions of the Małopolska region (available on the website in the ’Wypoczywaj w rytmie eko’ tab), created by Dominika Zaręba, a true specialist in the field of eco-tourism. The websites will satisfy the curiosity of every fan of earnest, soulful travel.  Thanks to the sites, planning an active weekend or holiday trip around the Małopolska region in an eco rhythm will be extremely simple and every day on the way will become a fascinating experience.


   Plakat        Grafika. 

                                                        Western Małopolska                                                                                                                       Podhale region

Plakat 3      Plakat 4  

                                                             Sącz region                                                                                                                                 Eco - Miechów Upland

Plakat 5

                                                                                                                               Tarnów region




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