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Publishing houses about Małopolska – the spark that ignites the flame of knowledge

Publishing houses about Małopolska – the spark that ignites the flame of knowledge

Two children holding publications in their hands. One of the girls points to the mountains behind her. The girls are smiling.
Did Copernicus study in Kraków? Where did the scratches on Mt Rysy come from? What treasures does the Wawel Crown Treasury hide? Where can we find Szekler gates? Why is Róża Wiatrów located in the Błędowska Desert? Where does the Queen of Podhale keep house? Was Zator the prince's residence, or maybe his manor was in the land of dinosaurs? Do obwarzanek and oscypek cheese have their own museums? Where did parzenice come from? Can wood be given magical musical powers? Who hid the Inca treasure in Niedzica? What are acidulous waters and mofets? The questions seem simple, but the answers not so much.

If you want to learn the secrets of Małopolska, it is best to reach for our publications. Those devoted to tourist attractions, the Wooden Architecture Route and the Małopolska UNESCO World Heritage Route. Our authors will guide you along both the well-known and popular trails, as well as those that aren’t heavily publicised and don’t see quite as much use. We will visit health resorts and spa centres in Małopolska, sanctuaries with extraordinary histories and centuries-old strongholds. In this way, we will also learn about the beautiful, rich, and, at the same time, unique traditions of Małopolska and take off on spirited in rides along the impressive network of Małopolska bicycle trails... This is the easiest way to find the key to the heart of Małopolska and its secrets!


The publications we present are a treasure trove of knowledge and a spark that can ignite the flame of knowledge. How to get them? If you are on this website, just select your guide, click on it, and it will download onto your computer or mobile phone. If you like the paper version, please visit our Tourist Information Points . Information costs nothing with us!


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