Między stawy i wzgórza

Among the ponds and hills

Among the ponds and hills
The trip begins in Wadowice on a red bicycle trail. First reach Inwałd, with its unique attraction – the minature park that presents famous buildings from all over the world. The second stop on the route is Andrychów, from where you will follow the black bicycle trail through Wieprz to the picturesque Przybradz fishing ponds in the Wieprzówka valley. Here you will find the blue bicycle trail, which will take you back to Wadowice. On the way, you will be passing the Frydrychowice ponds located in a valley among high hills.
Wadowice – Inwałd – Andrychów – Wieprz – Wadowice

Obiekty na trasie

Types of trails: Cycle
Length of trail: 40
Wadowice Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski
Tourist subregion: Wadowicki
Facilities at natural sites: Observation point, Viewing point, Information boards, Educational trail
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