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Konno przez Beskid Niski

Horseback riding through the Low Beskids

Konie huculskie
Types of trails: Horse riding
Length of trail: 30
The idyllic landscapes of the Low Beskids in the vicinity of Wysowa-Zdrój are excellent areas for horse-riding tourism.
This area offers numerous routes for riders, as well as several horse farms and horse rental centres. The horse trails lead from Wysowa-Zdrój to the peak Obycz (788 m above sea level) and to Regietowo, where a large Hucul pony farm is located. The proposed route goes further to the Banne peak, then through Skwirtne to Hańczowa, the valley of the Ropka river and the Hutniańska pass, to finally reach Huta Wysowska and return to Wysowa-Zdrój. Horses can be rented in: Osława horse riding club (the Four Seasons holiday centre, Wysowa-Zdrój, Park Zdrojowy 11, tel.: +48 18 3532008, www.oslawa.com.pl), Połonina stud farm (Hańczowa 60, tel.: +48 18 3532144) or the Gładyszów Hucul Pony Stud Farm (Regietów 28, tel.: +48 18 3510018, www.huculy.com.pl).
Wysowa-Zdrój – Regietów Wyżny – Regietów Niżny – Skwirtne – Hańczowa – Huta Wysowska – Wysowa-Zdrój

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