Grzbietami Pogórza Wielickiego

Along the ridges of Wieliczka Foothills

Along the ridges of Wieliczka Foothills
Wieliczka Foothills is a picturesque area, but its undulating landscape means numerous climbs along the way. You will be rewarded with the vast, picturesque landscapes. Start the trip by taking the red bicycle route from the centre of Wieliczka. Pass the Saltworks Castle (“zamek żupny”) and the entrance to the historic salt mine, and then climb up to Siercza, to go down to the Wilga valley through Pawlikowice and Koźmice Małe. It is now time for a long and steep uphill ride to Dobranowice, another descent into the valley and another uphill ride to Biskupice. It is worth straying from the route for a while to see the Gothic church perched on the top of a hill. From Biskupice, head back to Wieliczka, conquering a few smaller hills and passing through Lednica Górna, known for its original Easter folk tradition (Siuda Baba). Once back in Wieliczka, before returning to the centre, why not see the 16th century wooden Church of St. Sebastian.
Wieliczka – Siercza – Dobranowice – Biskupice – Lednica Górna – Wieliczka

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Length of trail: 25.5
Wieliczka Tourist region: Pogórza
Tourist subregion: Krakowski
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