XVIII Podgórze Open Door Days

XVIII Podgórze Open Door Days

This year, Podgórze Open Door Days are reaching the age of majority.
The XVIII Podgórze Open Door Days take place on 27-29 September. Participation in all events is free of charge. For the first time, the event co-financed by the City of Kraków.

This year, Podgórze Open Door Days are reaching the age of majority. They have grown up right before our eyes and thanks to our excellent cooperation with you - they are now adult. Many threads, stories and fates got intertwined during these eighteen long years. We combined them into themes and associations until a multi-colored, beautiful patterned fabric with an exceptional, unique Podgórze weave was created. It is then no coincidence that the theme of this year's European Heritage Days, of which our festival is part, is the aforementioned Polish weave. For us it represents both Poland and Podgórze, which is why we will weave this year's stories, consisting of walking stitches and knots of places, into an already existing matter. We will start our Podgórze weaving on Friday, 27 September, during the inauguration organised in the former building of the "Falcon" Polish Gymnastic Society. On Saturday, 28 September, our stories will traditionally be weaved from the history of visited places, and on Sunday, 29 September, we will add a lace made of walks. Let's weave, then, so that our Podgórze fabric become hereditary - beautiful, valuable and durable.

source: PODGORZE.PL association



Full information is available on the website of the organiser - PODGORZE.PL association

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