National Parks

National Parks


Babiogórski National Park 


A scenic track suited for the beginning hiker starts at the na Markowych Szczawinach hostel and leads along the Polish-Slovak educational path (overlapping with the red trail) to Diablak, the highest and most popular peak of the park. In the BNP’s head office in Zawoja (Zawoja 1403, 1km away from the bus stop in Zawoja-Markowa) you can see an interesting exhibition on the flora and fauna of the region, as well as the culture. Before the building there is the Garden of Babia Góra Plants, where the individual plots reproduce the natural character of the vegetation zones.

Babiogórski National Park,
trail admission fee: May–Oct, day ticket: PLN 5, concessions: PLN 2.50. For more information visit:


Gorczański National Park




The relatively low Gorce Mountains are of great tourist interest. With small children not suited to difficult walks, it is best to set off for one of the many educational paths, such as the 5-kilometre track called Dolina Gorcowego Potoku (Valley of the Gorce stream), which begins and ends in the hamlet of Rzeki in Lubomierz. With slightly older children it is worth venturing to the popular Turbacz, the highest peak of the Gorce Mountains. There is a hostel near Turbacz where you can recuperate while eating delicious pierogi (dumplings).

Gorczański National Park,
trail admission fee: May–Oct; day ticket: PLN 2, concessions: PLN 1. For more information visit:


Magurski National Park



Magurski National Park is a genuine oasis of peace. It is distinguished by gentle mountain ridges and beautiful cultural monuments, such as the Lemko Orthodox churches in Krempna, Kotań, Bartne, Świątkowa Wielka, Świątkowa Mała and others. The best bases from which to explore the MNP are the villages of Krempna, Folusz and Bartne. The natural curiosities worth paying attention to include the natural monument Diabli Kamień (Devil Stone), the Kornuty rock reserve and a small Magurski Waterfall near Folusz.

Magurski National Park,
trail admission fee: May–Oct; day ticket: PLN 4, concessions: PLN 2. In Folusz, at the green trail leading to the waterfall, the following car park charges apply: PLN 1/h. For more information visit:


Ojcowski National Park





The fairy-tale character of the landscape will enchant every child. For the older children, the modern educational-museum centre in Ojców (Ojców 9) is bound to be intriguing, while everyone will enjoy the ruins of the medieval castle (visiting: Apr–Oct). It is also a good idea to take a stroll from Ojców up the Prądnik Valley towards the gothic-renaissance castle in Piaskowa Skała (visiting: all year long). Open to sightseeing are also two caves: Grota Łokietka (Łokietek Cave) where, according to legend, centuries ago the future Polish king hid (visiting: May–Oct, guided tour only) and Jaskinia Ciemna (Dark Cave) (visiting: May-Sep, by candlelight).

Ojcowski National Park, 
trail admission fee: free of charge. Car parks in Ojców, Pieskowa Skała, Czajowice and others. For more information visit:


Pieniński National Park





In the Pieniny the most popular peaks to reach are Sokolica and the massif of Trzy Korony (Three Crowns). Older children may also be tempted by the trek to those peaks. The most interesting and difficult at the same time is a passage through the so called Sokola Perć (Falcon Path). The track starts from the scenic Szczawnica, with 19th century wooden buildings at the spa area. The cableway to Palenica is the town’s other attraction. Near Szczawnica, in Jaworki, it is worth visiting the splendid nature reserves such as Homole Gorge and Biała Woda (White Water). However, the greatest attraction of the Pieniny is rafting through the Dunajec gorge.

Pieniński National Park,
trail admission fee: free of charge, in May–Oct the following charges apply: to the viewing galleries on Trzy Korony and Sokolica (PLN 4, concessions: PLN 2) and to the nature reserves of Homole Gorge and Biała Woda (PLN 1.5). For more information visit:


Tatrzański National Park









The Tatras, also known as the Snowy Mountains, inspire awe and command respect. Upon arrival in Zakopane, children will have a lot of fun strolling down the main street, called Krupówki, or taking a photo with a bear. You can also ascend mount Kasprowy Wierch or Gubałówka in a cable car, and then spend some pleasant moments in the aqua park. Along one of the easiest and most popular tracks in the Tatras, you can stroll by Morskie Oko (Eye of the Sea), Czarny Staw (Black Tarn), Strążyska and Chochołowska Valley, Siklawica waterfall and Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (Mickiewicz Waterfall). Children also find the Kościeliska Valley to be of interest.

Tatrzański National Park, 
trail admission fee: day ticket: 16 Jun–14 Sep, PLN 4.40, concessions: PLN 2.20; 15 Sep–15 Jul, PLN 3.20, concessions: PLN 1.60. For more information visit:

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