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Wzgórze Wawelskie

Wawel Hill (Kraków)

Zamek widziany od strony Wisły, poniżej murów twierdzy, przy brzegu rzeki cumują dwa statki wycieczkowe.
Wawel 5, Kraków
tel. +48 124225155
Zamkowa 5, Kraków, 31-001
A small horst lifted to 20-70 m above the area. It is built from limestone which about 1000 years ago was used to build the oldest buildings in Wawel and to cobble the Main Square.
On the top of the hill the first building appeared as early as in 11th century and then with the passing of time they were extended. In the western part there is Smocza Jama (Dragon's Den) – an example of karst processes.


11th Stary Sącz Craft Fair

11th Stary Sącz Craft Fair

Tradycyjne rzemiosło
On 24th-25th August 2019, the Stary Sącz Craft Fair will take place for the 11th time on the Market Square in Stary Sącz!

For centuries, Stary Sącz was an important point on the merchant route connecting Hungary and Poland. In addition, this town was known as a strong craft centre. All former traditions are currently revisited at the Stary Sącz Craft Fair.

The program is full of attractions – at 11:00 a.m., a fair of regional products and a presentation of handicrafts will start. There will also be an opportunity to taste regional dishes from Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

During the Fair, a number of brilliant regional ensembles will perform on stage, including the Spod Prehyby Children’s Regional Ensemble or the Starosądeczanie Regional Ensemble. The stars of the evening will be Liber & InoRos on Saturday and the Góralsi Ensemble on Sunday.

Further information can be found on the website.

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