Everyone finds their own path in Małopolska. In the footsteps of saints, artists, Nobel Prize winners, myths and mysteries

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Who said life after retirement is boring? There’s no such thing in Małopolska! Here, we will take care of your body and soul equally! We will show you the most beautiful walking paths, interesting sacred buildings, and beautiful spas. We will indicate where you can take a break from everyday life and the hustle and bustle and where the energy of the places and the people will sweep you away. We will show you around towns and cities, take you to atmospheric provinces, and suggest where you can have a pleasant time. Małopolska is one of the most fascinating and attractive regions in the country.

Set off on one of the proposed thematic routes, and let yourself be carried away on a fascinating journey through time and space. If Małopolska has been the muse of the greatest artists and creators, why shouldn't it become yours?


Szlaki piesze w Małopolsce Trasy samochodowe w Małopolsce Trasy rowerowe w Małopolsce Szlak Architektury Drewnianej
Szlak Orlich Gniazd Szlak Kultury Wołoskiej Szlak frontu Wschodniego I Wojny Światowej Główny Szlak Beskidzki
Szlak Rzemiosła Tradycyjnego Małopolski szlak stylu romańskiego Małopolskie szlak sztuki gotyckiej Srebrny Szlak Gwarków Olkuskich


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