The Małopolska Gourmet Trail

A view of the interior of a wooden regional inn
The Małopolska Gourmet Trail is a trail of regional Małopolska inns of the highest standard and quality of service. Currently, the route comprises forty-two inns awarded the "Małopolska Regional Inn" certificate. Each of them was also granted from one to three stars, depending on the facility's fulfilment of specific requirements. The assessment of the inns took into consideration the appearance of the establishment, including references to regional traditions, hygiene and cleanliness, customer amenities, quality of waiter service, menu using regional products and elements of promotion and marketing.

The restaurants of the Małopolska Gourmet Trail - places with unique regional architecture and interior design, having a unique atmosphere, smelling of wood and serving dishes specific to a given region – are, in a way, ambassadors of the culinary heritage of Małopolska. Within their walls, permeated with the smell of meats and spices, they tempt visitors with the cuisine and the history, legends and stories told by candlelight. The meal will be accompanied by regional music, and one’s eyes will be delighted by the folk décor of the interiors and the staff’s attire.

Feel invited to wander around these inns representing various corners of the region, the styles and local specialities. One will find here dishes of ethnic cuisines: Highlanders from Podhale (kwaśnica, moskol, bryjka, hałuski, bombolki), Highlanders from the Beskids (cabbage with peas, kołacze), and Highlanders from Pieniny (bryndzonka, Sromowski cold soup, gałuski, fizoły with plums, kulasa with spyrka, koloc, fried grulanka, pamuła, pęcok on smoked meat), the Pogorzans (black pudding, prołzioki, bordy, urkopek), the Lachs (maczanka, noodles, łazanki, pierogi), the Lemkos (zalewajka, fuczki, adzymka, proziaki, oplacki, knysz, kiesełyca) and the Cracovians (prażucha, żur, podpłomyki, kukiełki, spółka, zawijańce).

The journey along the trail follows seven separate routes:

  • Kraków and Wieliczka
  • Along the Zakopianka road (from Kraków - national road No. 7, then after Rabka-Zdrój - national road No. 47)
  • Rocky Podhale - around Zakopane
  • Devilish Babia Mount and angelic Lanckorona
  • Three lands (Pieniny, Podhale, Spisz)
  • In the country of the Lachs, Pogorzans and Lemkos
  • The northern crown of Kraków - towards the Vistula climates

They intersect with the routes: "Wooden Architecture", “UNESCO Monuments”, “Eastern Front Of World Wart I”, "Mineral waters", “Eagles’ Nests”, “Wallachian Culture”, and they are accompanied by numerous museums, open-air museums, palaces, castles and amusement parks.

The list of recommended restaurants allows one to plan their own routes, spiced up with local delicacies and the tourist attractions of Małopolska.

Małopolska Regional Inns:
•    Morskie Oko, Kraków
•    Skansen Smaków Inn, Cholerzyn
•    Chochołowy Dwór, Jerzmanowice
•    Zagroda, Wygiełzów
•    Dzika Chata, Zawoja
•    Tabakowy Chodnik, Zawoja
•    Gazdowo Kuźnia, Zakopane
•    Krupowa Izba, Zakopane
•    Zapiecek, Zakopane
•    Dwór, Niedzica
•    Bartna Chata, Stróże
•    Gościnna Chata, Wysowa-Zdrój
•    Cichy Kącik, Krynica-Zdrój
•    Wesele, Krakow
•    W Starej Kuchni, Krakow
•    Gościnna Chata, Krakow
•    Cekierówka, Kocmyrzów
•    Maciejówka, Czajowice
•    Klimtówka, Wolbrom
•    Rzym, Sucha Beskidzka
•    Karczma na Kocierzu, Targanice
•    Karczma Przy Młynie, Zakopane
•    Stek Chałupa, Zakopane
•    Szymkówka, Brzegi
•    Bacówka, Jaworki
•    Rohatyna, Cholerzyn
•    Halit, Wieliczka
•    Karcma U Borzanka, Nowy Targ
•    Siwy Dym, Rabka-Zdrój
•    Gospoda Galicyjska, Nowy Sącz
•    Gospoda Magurska, Małastów


The Małopolska Gourmet Trail is complemented by the "Village for Gourmets", where an extraordinary aura enhances the culinary experiences. There, one can experience gustatory pleasures and get to know the region and its specific character in greater depth, together with its tourist attractions and historical and cultural heritage.

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